Point Of View

19 Aug

Point of view is very important in one's story for it typically do dictate the lens from which a certain story is being told and the point of view is of several types, for instance, we may have the first-person point of view, we can also have second person point of view, we also may have third person point of view and also we may have third person omniscient point of view.

The details and also the thoughts to  which one reader can become privy to is normally and  typically dependent on whether one is writing on the first or the second or even the third person perspective and if one is looking to vary may be an overall feel of a piece he or she is creating, the point of view should be the first thing one should look while changing. When one writes from a certain specific point of view, the overall character in the narration of the story will immediately subject to change and this may go beyond the typical correcting session which occurs when one is using a writing software. The different types of the point of views are as discussed below. For more facts about POV, visit this website at https://edition.cnn.com/2012/03/23/living/james-patterson-author-interview/index.html.

First, we have the first person point of view and in this type of point of view, the narration will be performed in the main protagonists own voice and for those people who want to write a story with a personal tone and a story where all the statements are tantamount to the first-hand observations should consider writing their story under this type of view for it will best fit for them. The other type of point of view is the second person point of view and here the stories are normally told about the reader and here the protagonist is normally referred to as" you" since the story is being given by a different narrator. Click here to get started!

We again have the third person point of view and here the third person will be written from the point of view from the third party and it will detail observation and also the reports of the main protagonists. The other type is the third person omniscient point of view and here the narrator has knowledge of each and everything and anything which is important for the story will be told here. It is thus important to note that different points of views will have different perceptions and depending on one's point of view, the perception can influence another person's mind and this can make the other person agree or disagree. Visit this site for another helpful resource.

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