How to Write an Article Point of View

19 Aug

If you want to know and become familiar with point of view, you first need to know what first, second, and third points of view are all about. If these things are understood, then you can easily recognize when the points of view shift.

The first type of point of view is the first person point of view. And since this point of view is where the main character is also the narrator, he will definitely use the pronoun I or we in the case when they are many. In first person point of view, the character himself tells his readers what is happening, what he is feeling, what his thoughts and what he can experience with his senses. You will notice that texts written in the first person point of view uses mostly verbs in the present tense. To learn more, visit this site!

You can hardly find a fiction text that uses the second person point of view. When the narrator tells the story, he is talking to you. It can get you confused a bit when this is the language of the narrator. It is difficult to immerse yourself in the story. The story and the reader will experience a sort of wall between them when using this second person point of view.

The most common point of view used in most literature is the third person point of view. In this type of narration, the narrator uses the pronouns he or she as he describes the events that are happening. It commonly uses verbs in the past tense describing past action of the characters. In this type of point of view, the narrator is detached from the character so the reader will not see anything through the eyes of the characters. Readers will only experience what the author or narrator himself experiences. Visit this website at and know more about POV.

If you combine the first person and the third person we have another type of point of view called the third person limited point of view. The story is told by the narrator in the third person but he includes the best parts of the first person's five senses, emotions, and internal thoughts. Here the perspective is limited and the narrator conveys the emotions, thoughts , and senses of the main character himself.

Shifting points of view is seen when there is a change in the character's perspective. In this style, characters take turns in showing their points of view.

If you are a fiction writer, it is good to determine first of all what point of view you will take for your story. This will help you readers experience the story through the emotions and sense of the characters of your story. Get more resources from this link.

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